GDA to oppose ‘illegitimate change’ in Sindh


The Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) would oppose any “illegitimate in-house change” because it wanted to bring change through a constitutional process, said Pir Sadaruddin Shah Rashidi while addressing a press conference with other leaders of the alliance.

Accompanied by Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Ayaz Latif Palijo and Ali Gohar Mahar in Ghotki, he said, that GDA is the most powerful party in the province and the people have realised that. The organisation of the party will be started from Khan Garh, he added.

He said that GDA would fully participate in a change if it is constitutional in nature but would strongly oppose any “illegitimate change”.

Ayaz Palijo said that provincial government was destroying the agriculture sector by inflicting pain upon farmers and by slashing sugarcane prices. He also reiterated Pir Sadaruddin’s statement of GDA opposing any “illegitimate change”. Ali Gohar said that he has an old relationship with Pir Pagara. He further added that the people of Ghotki were being ignored.