FDE to set up new model colleges, schools amid increasing population


ISLAMABAD: The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has principally decided to expand the project of establishing new educational institutions, including three model colleges and six schools in the federal capital.

Talking to APP, an official of the FDE on Sunday said that the overhauling work in the already established educational institutions would also be initiated.

The summary for the establishment and renovation of educational institutions has been sent to the planning division for approval.

The official said that the project would help to achieve the target for mitigating the out of school children ratio under the new educational policy.

“Last year, several students could not get admissions in the schools due to lack of space, however; a maximum number of children would be able to get benefit from public sector institutions with the establishment of new institutions,” he said.

“The first Model College would be established in Margala Town, while second in the sector G-13, and third in G-14 whereas out of these, one college would be allocated for girls and the remaining two for boys,” the FDE official said.

“Under the said above project, besides establishment of classrooms, water projects and washrooms would also be made,” he said while adding that the establishment of new educational institutions was need of the hour to address the increasing population of the federal capital.

He went on saying that the establishment of new educational institutions was mandatory for the complete implementation of new educational policy launched by the present government and the FDE would start work for the establishment of new institutions just after the funds get approved.