Woman appeals govt to bring back son jailed in India


KARACHI: A woman, Zubaida Khanum, has appealed to the federal government to make efforts for the release of her son, who is in a jail in India for the last 13 years under ‘fake cases’.

Talking to media, Khanum said that her son Muhammad Fahad went to India in 2006 to meet his grandmother and was arrested and booked by the Indian police under fake charges.

“Despite the fact that charges against my son, including terrorism, have been dismissed by the Indian courts from time to time, the Pakistani government has never taken serious steps to bring him back,” the woman lamented, adding that her son is now facing only one case but the police officer who registered the case is not appearing before the court because of which his unlawful imprisonment is prolonging in India.

The emotional mother once again appealed to the federal government stating that it has been 13 years and she wants to meet her son.

“It has been too long, I want to see him now.”