PM Imran’s nephew aims to run 5km on accident anniversary


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew Wali Khan, who suffered an accident in Singapore last July, has decided to participate in a 5km race on the anniversary of his accident in order to raise money for Namal Knowledge City.

Wali, who is the founder of Sports Connect, a Singapore based sports marketing and athlete management agency focused on emerging markets, crashed his motorbike at the PIE highway on July 18. In a personal blog, he is now documenting his journey.

He writes that he broke his shin bone in two and it came out of his leg. His hip broke in six places and he also broke and dislocated his left shoulder. Consequently, he had to spend 72 days in the hospital, undergoing intensive physiotherapy.

“I was told I will probably never walk properly and never run again. But, miraculously I’m in one piece,” he recollects. He ended up getting married in the hospital.

The doctors told him to “forget about ever running and playing sports again”. They sent him home on a wheelchair and said that after six months, he would be able to get off the wheelchair and start using crutches.

In about 14 months (September 2019) he should be able to start walking without aid, they told him.

He remembers a painful night in the hospital when he couldn’t bear the thought of never playing sports again, hence, he decided to “ignore the timelines given to him and make his own timelines”.

Wali plans to run five kilometres and raise money for Namal Knowledge City so that “someone may benefit from my accident” and “my ordeal doesn’t go in vain”.