VIDEO: M Waseem’s ‘honest’ pitch report is hilariously accurate


Pakistan’s former right-hand batsman Mohammad Waseem, in a video on social media, has given an ‘honest’ pitch report which is hilariously accurate.

In the video, Waseem can be seen standing in a stadium before a domestic match, stating that “today’s match is between Halal The Blue and Haraam The Whites”.

“The tournament is having low scoring matches till now and when you look at the pitch, it is on the slow side and ground man has also not worked much on it,” he said.


“But the thing bothering me is the Manhoosiat on faces of batsmen in this whole tournament which I think is the biggest obstacle,” Waseem gave a funny comment with a straight face, adding that it is true that the ground man has not worked hard.

The cricket analyst further said that although the ground man has not put his heart in preparation of this pitch, however, batsmen will have to play with some determination.

He further said that the team winning the toss should bat first and play with heart and put their complete effort in it to hit sixes on this big ground.