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Woman gang-raped, filmed in Rawalpindi

A married woman was allegedly abducted by assailants who then proceeded to not only rape her but also filmed the ordeal in Rawalpindi, according to an FIR filed on Monday.

According to media reports, the complaint was lodged with local police by the victim’s brother, Vaqas, who stated that she had been married to Imran Ahmed for the last five years and they had two children together.

The couple, however, had been fighting and she had come to Vaqas’ home along with the children out of desperation.

When she was walking back home to her brother’s house, a man identified as Imran, who goes by the alias Amir, along with several accomplices restrained and then blindfolded her.

They then took her to their an undisclosed location, where they not only sexually assaulted her but also videotaped the crime.

After committing the crime, they fled the scene, threatening to claim her life if she told anyone about the incident.

Local police have registered a case against the suspects with an investigation underway.

Last year, a woman was allegedly gang-raped in Sialkot’s Daska Tehsil. The victim’s husband, a resident of Mitranwali, told the police that his wife was alone in her home when the accused Hamid and Iftikhar barged in. He added that the culprits took her to a room and gang-raped her.

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