Malala, Trevor Noah joke around on the sets of ‘The Daily Show’


Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai who made an appearance on The Daily Show with host Trevor Noah got into a bit of banter on Twitter a little before the show started.

Malala tweeted a picture of herself sitting in the backroom with a bored expression and holding Noah’s Born a Crime. “Why is this man Trevor late?” she tweeted. Following this, she tweeted another picture, this time with Noah who seemed to be trying to explain himself to her which she captioned, “Excuses, excuses…..”

Noah explained he was a bit “nervous” about meeting her.

The episode started with Malala messing around with Noah for keeping her waiting and from there they talked about Malala’s new book We Are Displaced based on stories of refugees, which released on January 8.

He was trying to impress me and say nice things about me,” she said. “I don’t think it’s working.”

Speaking about her book, the 21-year-old explained that it sheds light on the refugees she met. “People already know about my story. Displacement was part of my life in Pakistan and also moving to the UK. But I have met many girls around the world who are displaced.”

“People often talk about refugees in number but we never hear from them [refugees]. For me, it was important to hear from these girls how they showed resilience and bravery. And there is a lot to learn from them,” Malala added.

“Becoming a refugee is never anyone’s first choice. This is the last choice and the only choice they have to leave their homes for their safety for their future because they have many things,” she further said.

“Most of the times people have not met refugees. The best way to know more about them is to speak to them. Talking to people and looking at the human reason why people leave their homes is important.”

Malala further shared that all the funds from the book will go towards the Malala Fund, which focuses on education.

“I chose this fund because I remember the time my own education was banned. I remember waking up 10 years ago and girls’ education was completely banned and I realised my education and my dreams were taken away from me. I was just limited to the house and I could not learn and go out and become a teacher or a doctor or an engineer,” she said.

Malala added, “For many girls getting an education and learning is the only way to stand on their own two feet. For me education is crucial.”