Top bureaucrats likely to be transferred on special committee’s recommendation


–All chief secretaries, IGPs expected to be transferred as well

ISLAMABAD: The government is considering to transfers/post bureaucrats of grades 21 and 22, including all chief secretaries and inspector generals of police (IGPs), on the recommendation of a special committee headed by Advisor to Prime Minister on Establishment Shahzad Arbab.

According to sources, the Establishment Division, on Arbab’s instructions, has prepared a summary seeking permission from the cabinet to transfer and post all federal level bureaucrats.

“It is not yet clear if the transfers will be made after the committee interviews these officers or just on a nod from the prime minister,” they said, adding, however, all senior bureaucrats would initially be appointed on probation of six months.

Speaking of what the proposal indicates, sources said, “It was likely that after the completion of the probation period, the bureaucrats will have the security to complete their respective three-year tenures.”

“However, if a disciplinary action is initiated against an officer for corruption, negligence of duties, insubordination, misconduct or failure to meet the performance targets assigned to him or her and evidence has been established, his or her fate would be in the hands of the premier, who will decide if the officer is to be transferred before the completion of tenure,” they added.

Sources said that on the directions of the prime minister, the Establishment Division had earlier issued the transfer and posting notifications of federal secretaries as well as grade 21 officers; whereas now, provinces have shared three names for the slots of their respective chief secretaries and IGPs with the Human Resources Division.

“The Establishment Division will appoint the top bureaucrats with the consultation of the prime minister.”

It may be noted that the matter was also discussed in a federal cabinet meeting as the advisor to the premier on institutional reforms had prepared some proposals with regard to security of tenures of senior bureaucrats, but the cabinet had established a committee for further discussion on the matter.

The government had tasked Dr Isharat Hussain to prepare civil service reforms under the 100 days plan.

When contacted, Shahzad Arbab confirmed that the committee could transfer and post grade 21 and 22 officers, including the chief secretaries and IGPs.