PSED fixes minimum salaries of teachers to Rs.12,000


Rawalpindi: Provincial Schools Education Department (PSED) on Saturday decided to cancel the registration of private schools that are not giving salaries to their teachers of a minimum of Rs.12, 000 in Rawalpindi district.

PSED in order to ensure the execution of the decision to fix minimum salaries of private school teachers have given power to district education authority and district monitoring teams for checking salaries of teachers after conducting raids in schools.

The registration of private schools found involved in not paying minimum salaries to teachers will be cancelled.

PSED have received various complaints that private schools are giving salaries to their teachers in between Rs.6, 000 to 7,000 therefore; measures should be taken to increase their salaries.

Upon it, Provincial Minister for Education had directed all private schools across the province that they should give Rs.12, 000 as minimum salaries to teachers.

Provincial Minister while directing CEOs of District Education Authorities said that they should check the record of schools including salaries and those schools which were not paying salaries Rs.12, 000 to their teachers their registration should be cancelled.