Security agency admits keeping ‘missing’ man in custody for inquiry



The official of a security agency on Thursday admitted before a court that the agency has in custody a man who had gone missing two years ago, a private media outlet reported.

According to reports, Abdullah Saleh, son of Major Saleh, had gone off the grid while traveling from Quetta to Rawalpindi in 2016.

The sensitive agency representative admitted in the Rawalpindi registry of the Lahore High Court (LHC) that Abdullah Saleh was in their custody for inquiry.

The petitioner’s attorney, Inamur Rahim, contended that according to the Army Act 1952, a civilian could not be arrested and tried by the military. “If a civilian is arrested, then his family has to be informed within 24 hours of the arrest, which did not happen in the case of my client.”

Judge Sahid Abbasi directed the federation to explain on the next date of hearing – January 9 – why Abdullah had been taken into custody.

The court also fixed another petition involving the disappearance of two brothers for hearing on Friday. The petition was filed by the mother of the two brothers, Sakina Bibi.