CM Mahmood Khan welcomes ANP’s Nisar Khan in PTI


–Politicians joining PTI as it represents common man, says KP CM

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said that the people voted for Imran Khan and his agenda to bring change because they were totally disappointed at the corrupt system of the past, welcoming Nisar Khan on his decision to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

While addressing a delegation of leaders who joined the ruling PTI at the Chief Minister’s House Peshawar, he said access to justice was not possible in the old corrupt system of governance and the people were deprived of their rights. “PTI challenged this corrupt system and brought about a visible change in each and every field and sector of governance in accordance with the expectations of the general public,” he said and regretted that the corrupt rulers of past were pointing fingers at the leadership of PTI and its initiatives for public welfare.

“The corrupt elements are uncertain about their future because of PTI’s popularity,” he added.

On the occasion, prominent leader of the Awami National Party (ANP) Nisar Khan along with his family and friends announced to join the PTI. The chief minister welcomed the newcomers and termed their decision as the right one.

He said that the people are joining PTI because they understand it is the only representative political party of the common people. “The people know as to how corrupt rulers destroyed the public sector institutions in the past. The whole system of governance was protecting of the interests of corrupt rulers and elite. In such worst condition, the PTI raised the slogan of change that was supported by people at large scale throughout the country,” he commented.

The KP CM said that now the scenario has changed completely due to the unparalleled and integrated struggle of the PTI leadership and its team. “People are satisfied because their future is safe in the hands of PTI,” he said and added that the enemy of change and the corrupt rulers were afraid of their future and criticising the initiatives. He said the people have rejected “their self-centric politics in the previous elections”. They have no future in the new fair system of Pakistan. The chief minister said that the PTI brought a visible change in public sector institutions and introduced the system of merit and justice.

The erstwhile FATA has also been merged in the province, he said, and assured that the near future is very bright and prosperous. He also assured that development of backward and other marginalised areas are the special priority of his government. He said that the PTI workers and supporters are the real asset. The youth particularly played an active role in PTI’s win in the previous elections, he recalled.

The chief minister said that he always worked for the PTI and will continue to be part of the change. He said that the prosperity of common people is the agenda of PTI. He said his government was working to completely root out the past corrupt practices inside the institutions and pave the way for development.

“We are committed to overcoming the challenges both at provincial and national levels. We have a complete strategy and will struggle to resolve all these problems and will go towards prosperity and development in near future. We are collectively approaching our goals and targets. This was the reason that despite ruling for more than five years, the people were still supporting and joining PTI with great zeal and enthusiasm,” he concluded.