Pakistan turns Dr Pfau’s grave digital


KARACHI: Pakistan introduced its first electronic grave that functions with a QR scan technology and dedicated it to the celebrated humanitarian Dr Ruth Pfau.

German-born philanthropist Dr Ruth Pfau, who dedicated her life to leprosy patients in Pakistan, died in 2017 in Karachi and is buried in the ‘Gora Cemetery’.

The electronic grave has a QR imprinted on it which the visitors can scan through their mobile phones in order to access the deceased’s personal and professional information.

Hailed as the ‘Mother Teresa of Pakistan’, Dr Pfau died at the age of 87 after devoting 55 years of her life to curb the disease of leprosy. It is solely to her credit that in 1996 World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Pakistan “one of the first countries to have controlled leprosy”.

Upon her death, Dr Pfau was honoured with a state funeral.