FO dismisses Modi’s ‘Pakistan will take some time to behave’ remark


–Indian PM says New Delhi persistently maintaining pressure on Islamabad over curbing ‘cross-border terrorism’


Pakistan’s Foreign Office on Wednesday rejected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent criticism against Pakistan, saying “such statements made no difference”.

In an interview to ANI news agency, Modi had said that it would be a “huge mistake to believe that Pakistan would mend its ways”. He added that the Indian government is working on strategies to keep the pressure up on Islamabad “to check terrorism”.

“If after one war if we think Pakistan will behave, then this is a mistake. Pakistan will take some time to behave,” Modi said. He added that India had a “consistent policy that no PM would oppose dialogue with Pakistan”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan after coming into power invited India to talk about the ongoing tensions and pursue peace between the two countries saying that it is the “best way to alleviate poverty and uplift the people of the subcontinent”.

In another move, Pakistan opened the Kartarpur Border crossing for the Sikh pilgrims in India; however India had already shunned all talks offer.

During the interview, Modi also said that “cross-border terrorism must end. We [India] are persistently maintaining pressure on this”.

“We have created an environment around the world supporting this sentiment and terror-supporting Pakistan stands isolated. This is the fact. Incidents have taken place, but in a limited manner.”

Modi added, “Whether it was so-called surgical strikes or any other action, the Indian government was working out various strategies to keep pressure up on Pakistan.”

While talking about the so-called surgical strikes video, Modi, avoided a direct answer and said, “I personally believe that surgical strikes should not be politicized.”

“There are some political parties who began to speak the same language as Pakistan. These parties were demeaning our armed forces. They politicised such an issue,” he added.

Speaking about his Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prospects in the general elections later in 2019, he said, “No reason for morale down. We are confident and are moving ahead. In 2019, if there is one party which the country trusts and is connected with the people, it is the BJP.”

Meanwhile, FO Spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal said, “India would go to polls; therefore, such statements were a political ploy by the Indian political leadership,” adding that Pakistan seeks peace and harmony with the neighbouring nation.

“We wrote a letter to the Modi government. Such statements do not solve issues,” he said.