Suspect accused of rape, murder of 9-year-old arrested


NOWSHERA: A suspect accused of the rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl in the Nawa Kalay area was arrested on Tuesday.

Deputy Inspector General Mardan Muhammad Ali Khan announced that a 21-year-old male has been arrested after his DNA sample matched with the samples taken from the crime scene.

The man, who was a friend of the victim’s father, has been taken into custody at his house, the DIG revealed and related that over 200 DNA samples have been collected and 20 suspects questioned as part of the probe to trace the killer.

The girl was reported missing at 10pm on December 27 after she did not return from a madrassa where she went to receive Quranic lessons. According to reports, she had gone on an errand to her teacher’s daughter’s house along with another student.

As the children stepped out of the house after finishing the task, a young boy asked the girl to accompany him so she could take her father’s clothes from him. Later, the girl did not return and a search party had to be convened.

On Friday morning, her dead body was recovered from an open grave in a graveyard at Khesghi road. Postmortem report revealed that the deceased was raped and sodomised before death.