Over 200 NGOs demand India be tried in ICJ for Kashmir genocide

ISLAMABAD: It seems that more and more voices are being raised to denounce carnage and Muslim genocide in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and the latest strong condemnation has come from Malaysia.
Over the ongoing genocide in occupied Kashmir by Indian forces, the Malaysian Consultation Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM) – a conglomeration of 200 organizations – has demanded a world response to the inhuman and injustice act of the Indian occupation forces.
In a joint statement by President MAPIM Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid and endorsed by Syeikh Ahmad Awang of International Muslim Scholars Union Malaysia and Syeikh Abdul Ghani Samsudin, the Chairman Council of Ulema Assembly of Asia (SHURA) as representatives of over 200 organisations of Malaysia, the MAPIM has condemned in the strongest terms the recent murdering of innocent Kashmiri youth in Pulwama district, IoK, by the Indian troops.
“The Indian forces must be dragged to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. The world community needs to halt the ongoing and escalating violence by the India forces without delay. The UN Security Council must intervene immediately, less this world agency will be regarded as a complicit to the crimes of war by India forces in Kashmir,” the statement demanded.
In a resolution passed by the organisation, the MAPIM has expressed its concerns over what it called “the deafening silence of the world community” over the Indian forces atrocities in Kashmir.
Expressing concern over the continued detention of Kashmiri Leaders, the statement referred to the detention of Yasin Malik and the inhuman treatment meted out to him, as a case in point.
The MAPIM also lamented over the inaction by United Nations (UN) over the bloodletting in Kashmir, stating that the UN has stood action-less to stop the human violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.
“We believe the atrocities inflicted on the Kashmiris by the Indian troops will not break the spirit of the Kashmiris for their struggle for independence and for self-determination. We salute their persistence to stand their ground for justice and freedom,” the statement added.
Highlighting the grave human rights situation in IOK, the statement reflects on the statistics of the huge casualties of Kashmiri due to atrocities perpetrated by the Indian occupation forces with the backing of government in New Delhi with impunity.
“We are shocked by the barbaric act of the Indian forces (recently), slaughtering three youth in Kharpora Sirnoo and seven more youth and injuring dozens of others when the people were demonstrating against the killing of the youth”.
“On record, we received reports, up until November 2018, Indian forces in their barbaric acts, martyred 48 people, besides arresting 169 and torturing 196. We have been informed that in the decades of occupation and aggression, the India forces have martyred 95,234 people since January 1989 in which the custodial killing mounted to 7120,” the statement read.
The statement said that the long-pending Kashmir conflict with India cannot be allowed to continue as it threatens the regional instability.
MAPIM criticised Indian claim of largest democracy to say: “India has been bragging about itself as the biggest democracy on earth, and yet it applies a brutal force to crush the majority voice of the Kashmiris for self-determination and their right for independence”.
“We conclude that the Indian forces brutalities against the Kashmiris are even worse than Israel’s occupation on Palestine. We urge the Malaysian government to take steps and initiatives to registers its protest against the India atrocities in Kashmir,” concluded the statement.
It may be pertinent to mention that MAPIM had also adopted a resolution to express solidarity with Kashmiris on 27 October _ the day Kashmiris observe as ‘Black Day’.
In yet another strong collective message to the International Community for 2019, by four prominent international umbrella organisations namely; MAPIM, Alliance of World Masjid in defence of Al-Aqsa (MANAR), and SHURA have called for resolution of Muslim issues once and for all including the issue of Jammu & Kashmir.