Mathira injured in car accident in Dubai


VJ Mathira who was in Dubai celebrating the New Years was involved in a serious car accident on Tuesday. She was in the car with a friend when two trucks hit the car.

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to share pictures and videos of the incident. She also posted two videos on her Instagram story before the accident occurred. Following this, an image of the totalled car was also uploaded. The starlet further wrote on Instagram that her friend is fine and is recovering.

Mathira wrote how the two have been saved by the Almighty. “My friend Sara is well, Masha Allah. He has his mercy on us and saved us,” she penned. “To be honest, bad eyes and ill-wishers do cause a bit of damage. Allah will repay these people for their thoughts.”

In her next post, the actor said, “My friends are a gem. So much love and care. Thank you for making me feel so at home and looking after me in my good and in my bad times.”

“Allah blessed me with another life. His mercy and protection always be on me and all of us. Amen.”



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