Innovative Biscuits launches campaign against deforestation in Pakistan


As a consequence of steadily rising levels of unrestrained deforestation across the country, Pakistan is today amongst the top 10 countries to be affected by climate change. This has not only led to staggering measures of rainfall each year and rising temperatures, but various species of animals have also been adversely affected.

To battle this disturbing situation, and raising awareness about these issues, Innovative Biscuits has taken a unique approach. Earlier this year, the company launched their new campaign for Jumbo Junior, the energy biscuit for children.

Led by the endearing and lovable young rhino, Jumbo Junior himself, the campaign kicked off with an animated television commercial highlighting the evils of deforestation. By showing its results through the plight of the animals affected, the commercial manages to underline a critical social issue, whilst connecting with children on an emotional level.


Speaking on this decision, company’s brand manager commented, “We realize that we need to take children on board at a young age, to try and embed in them early in their lives, the idea of environmental protection for their future.”

Following the campaign’s launch, the corporation didn’t just stop at the airing of the commercial. To further drive the message to its intended audience, the company followed up the ad by rolling out an extensive series of activations of over a thousand schools across the country.

Jumbo Junior would make an appearance at each of the schools and deliver a live play which recreated the Jumbo Junior film to portray the animals’ distress, along with the seed plantation idea proposed by the character. This would then be physically carried out with the help of the children and as a result, hundreds of tree saplings have now been planted in countless schools throughout Pakistan.