House is in order as far as procedures are concerned, says CJP Nisar


ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Tuesday said that he is being held responsible for “not putting his house in order,” even though the judiciary does not have the authority to legislate.

He made those comments while hearing a case regarding minority rights.

“We have moulded our judicial procedure according to the current era,” he said.

He further said that “as far as procedure is concerned, the house is in order. We can only interpret laws, not create them”.

“If the recommendations of the law commission had been approved by the law ministry, the dispensation of justice would have become easier,” the chief justice claimed.

CJP Nisar further said that he had requested Prime Minister Imran Khan “to amend laws regarding judicial process when they had met during a symposium held last month to address the country’s growing population”.

“I told him [prime minister] that we are still following laws made by the British,” he recalled.

He further promised that he will urge the law ministry to pass a bill regarding the protection of minority rights.