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CM urges for electrifying 1,179 villages

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the provincial government had given Rs5.86 billion to three power companies, Hesco, Sepco and K-E for providing electricity to 3153 villages, out of which 1,974 villages have been electrified against Rs3.66 billion and 1,179 villages are yet to be provided with the facility for which Sindh government’s funds of Rs1.89 billion are lying with the said power companies.

The orders were issued while the CM was presiding over a meeting on village electrification. The meeting was attended by Energy Minister Imtiaz Shaikh, Principal Secretary to CM Sajid Jamal Abdo, Secretary Energy Musadiq Khan, Special Secretary Finance Asif Jahangir, Member development P&D Fatah Tunio and other concerned officers.

While briefing the chief minister, Energy Minister Imtiaz Shaikh said that the provincial government has paid Rs3,124 million to Heco for electrification of 1,600 villages and this amount has been paid between 2012-13 to 2017-18. He added that the Hesco has electrified 870 villages for Rs1.84 billion and 730 villages were yet to be electrified and their amount of Rs1.35 billion was lying with Hesco.

In response, the Sindh CM directed Shaikh to talk to the concerned authorities of the HESCO, Sepco and K-E so that the remaining villages, for which the government has already deposited funds, could be provided electricity.

Shaikh also told the chief minister that Rs2.34 billion were paid to Sepco for the electrification of 1,508 villages during last five years, against which they electrified 1,062 villages for Rs1.49 billion and have yet to electrify 446 villages and their funds of Rs512.42 million of Sindh government were lying with them.

Similarly, The K-Electric has been given Rs400 million to electrify 45 villages for Rs318.646 million and they have electrified 42 villages and work on three villages was in progress.

The chief minister said that he has the plan to electrify various villages of District Malir and West for which he directed energy department to prepare a plan for the schemes and the required funds of that work could be assigned.

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