In Naya Pakistan, Lahoris burn coal to cope with low gas supply


— Citizens complain of disruption in daily chores due to low gas pressure

— SNGL representative denies shortage in supply

LAHORE: Despite tall claims of the incumbent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government that there would be no interruption in gas supply during winter, the residents have started experiencing low gas pressure, creating problems for the elderly as alternatives of Sui gas are not affordable for all.

A survey conducted among the residents of  Gawalmandi, Gulshan Ravi, Sant Nagar, Gulberg, Askari 10, DHA, Sanda, Islampura, Township, Baghbanpura, Begumpura, Garhi Shahu, , Samanabad, Shadman, Yuhanabad, Wapda Town, Sui Gas Colony, Garden Town, PECO Road, Walton Road, Gurumangat, Ichra, Pekhewal Mor, Iqbal Town, Awan Town, Dhoopsari, Karim Park, Bilal Ganj, Mason Road, Ghoray Shah, Mochi Gate, Birdwood Road, Ali Park, Bhatta Chowk, RA Bazaar, KB Colony, Punjab Housing Cooperative Society, Ravi Town, Tech Society and others showed that these grievances were shared by all.

Resident report difficulty in performing their daily chores such as cooking food due to low gas pressure. As a result, they have to purchase food from restaurants and food stalls which disrupts the monthly budget. Whereas, not all have the capacity to afford LPG. As a result, they have to burn wood and use kerosene oil or coals.

Saima Faisal, who lives in Garhi Shahu told Pakistan Today of her difficulty in sending children to school without breakfast as there is no gas to warm the stove. She wonders how she and others of her class are to cope with the buckling economic pressure as “coal and wood are both expensive”.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Khalid Mehmood, a resident of Shadman said that the elderly face difficulties due to the non-availability of gas for heating the house. “I have had to take my 83-years-old father to the hospital thrice because of catching a cold,” he said. Moreover, he complained that the government needs to stand by the promises it had made.

“I remember the Prime Minister claiming in one of his addresses that this year there would be no gas load shedding or less supply”, he stressed.

Zubair Ahmed, a resident of Islampura, complained that instead of bringing in a “Naya Pakistan”, the government has instead shifted people to the olden times of burning wood and coal.

“Things seem to be getting worse. We hardly have a gas supply after sunset. Upon complaints, the Sui Northern Gas Company staff tells people to wear warm clothes. Well, despite all the measures, we do need gas. Steps should be taken for regularizing the gas supply during the winter season”.

When reached for a comment on the situation, Awais Bajwa, spokesperson of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) claimed that his company is meeting the supply demand.

“There is no difference between the use of gas during the summer and winter months. Actually, there is a shortage in supply if there is some problem with compressors”, he said.

He refuted citizen’s complaints of issues occurring due to a low gas supply, adding that “low pressure occurs when there is an increase in the use of heaters and geezers and even that is sufficient for cooking food”. “We have observed and there is no such issue with the supply of gas in Lahore”, he claimed.