PHF Secretary Shahbaz Sr resigns over lack of govt support


LAHORE: Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Secretary Shahbaz Ahmed Senior resigned from his position on Saturday, calling the government’s behaviour apathetic towards the national sport.

In his resignation, Shahbaz Sr said he cannot spare time for hockey since the government and the inter-provincial coordination ministry don’t give attention to the federation’s concerns.

Shahbaz Sr said there was no infrastructure for hockey in the country, and that the PHF has no asset or a system in place for the generation of funds. He said that the government had been informed several times but to no avail.

“The ministry of inter provincial coordination didn’t cooperate even one per cent,” he regretted.

The former hockey player pointed out, “India’s annual budget for hockey is more than Rs1 billion, whereas the annual grant for hockey in Pakistan is only Rs3.5 million.”

The PHF secretary complained that an uncertainty always prevails in the federation because of the lack of funds. “Since the day I joined the federation, I have been saying that hockey could not be run with the prevailing system,” he said.

“Funds are not provided but results are inquired about,” he said while adding that he has been trying his best to bring some improvement despite the gloomy situation.

“The prevailing situation of the game is not acceptable,” he said. “The game could not be put on the right path without the help of revolutionary measures by the government.”