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Capital to have 13 new educational institutes

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has decided to set up 13 new educational institutes in Islamabad under the Federal Directorate of Education.

According to media reports, these educational institutes will be set up in Pakistan Town, Golra Sharif, Tarlai, Margala town, G-14, G-13, G-15 and B-17. These institutes include schools and colleges.

As many as 423 educational institutes are operating under Federal Directorate of Education and no new school or college has been constructed for the last 20 years.

Sources said the government has conducted a survey in the capital and as per this survey, 60 new educational institutes are required to meet the needs of Islamabad in consideration of the fact that Islamabad’s population in 1998 was 8 lac and it has now reached 20 lac.

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