Two Pakistani nationals return home after release from Indian jails


LAHORE/AMRITSAR: Two Pakistani nationals, Abdullah and Mohammed Imran Qureshi Warsi, returned to Pakistan after the Indian authorities on Wednesday released them through the Attari-Wagah border.

Abdullah was detained from Attari in 2017 while Warsi spent 10 years in Bhopal Jail on charges of “forgery and spying” after going to India in 2004. Warsi, on the other hand, had gone to India to meet his Kolkata based relatives. He stayed in India for four years despite the expiry of his visa. Furthermore, he also got a ration card and a PAN card made during his stay. In fact, he was on his way to Bhopal to get a passport made when he was arrested by the police.

Warsi told Indian media that he could not be happier to see his mother, father and siblings who all reside in Karachi’s Gulshan Iqbal area. He has an Indian wife and two children, whom he plans on taking to Pakistan through proper legal recourse, he added.

The release of Pakistani nationals comes in the wake of Hamid Nehal Ansari’s release, an Indian national who was detained and jailed in Pakistan for six years after which he was repatriated to India on December 15. Ansari had illegally crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan in 2012 and was convicted for spying and forging documents in December 2015. He told court officials that he came to the country to see a girl he befriended on Facebook in the country’s north, according to his lawyer. But police were waiting for him at the woman’s house and arrested him on the spot.