Abbottabad city facing severe Sui gas load shedding


ABBOTTABAD: The entire city of Abbottabad is facing the worst load shedding of the Sui gas in its history, a severe crisis as the temperature has dropped to below freezing point.

Most of the affected areas are thickly populated. These areas include Kehal, Kunj, Karim Pura, Malik Pura, officer’s colony Mandian, Lambi Dheri, Nawan Shehr, Mera Mandrake, Banda Jalal Khan, Banda Dalazak and other areas.

Residents of these areas have complained of the low pressure of gas in the morning and evening, while some areas complained that gas is supplied for only two hours and is not even available for cooking despite the closure of CNG stations.

A protest rally of the people of Lambi Dheri was held on Tuesday and protestors met with concerned officials who assured the smooth supply of the gas and protestors dispersed peacefully.