PTI wins three seats in local govt by-polls


ABBOTTABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have won local government by-elections in district Abbottabad and Mansehra, respectively.

According to unofficial results, PTI got three seats, PML-N secured two seats while an independent candidate gained victory over one seat in the election was held on five district council seats and one tehsil council seat of district Abbottabad.

In UC Bakot, PML-N candidate Sardar Ilyas Abbassi won the district council seat by securing 3,811 votes while his opponent PTI candidate Zulfiqar Abbassi got 3,449 votes. The seat was vacated by PTI candidate Nazir Ahmed Abbassi after winning the provincial assembly seat.

From Union Council Jhangra, PML-N candidate Malik Azhar district council seat by securing 3129 votes while his opponent PTI candidate Sher Afzal Khan got 2,674 votes.

Similarly, UC Kakul PTI candidate Naveed Khan won the district council seat by securing 1,908 votes and his opponent got 1,860 votes. Similarly, from UC Shaikul Bandi, PTI candidate Nabeel Khan secured 1,506 votes and won the election while the independent candidate got 1,225 votes.

In UC Khatwal, PTI candidate Malik Maroof got 2,040 votes for the district council seat and his opponent PML-N candidate Syed Mahboob Shah got 1,838 votes while from UC Namli Maira independent candidate Malik Ayub got 22,00 votes and his rival Sardar Iqbal of PML-N 1,470 votes.

According to the unofficial results, PML-N candidates have won district council by-elections from Tarangri Sabir Shah, Khataia and Sawan Maira while PTI candidates won from Labar Kot and Baffa.

Former Tehsil Nazim Torghar Abdul Qudous won the only seat of the district by securing 1,100 votes.


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