Millions spent on education in Kasur but to little avail


–Fake bills being used to pay for ‘ambiguous’ projects, sources say

–Kasur education CEO rejects allegations, says ‘all projects were started on merit’

KASUR: The Kasur education department has been accused of disbursing millions of rupees in extravagant activities without any formal policy or approval through ‘fake’ bills.

Most of the payments for ‘ambiguous’ works were drawn from the account by using counterfeit payments, sources told this scribe.

As per details available, although Kasur Education CEO Naheed Wasif assumed the charge only a few months ago, almost Rs 25 million have been consumed by the department from the account for ‘unimportant’ projects which have been mentioned in some of the bills.

An amount of Rs 1.87 million was spent on miscellaneous works which could not be clarified by the department, sources said, adding that payments of Rs 4 lac were made for stationary, Rs 220,000 for local advertisements, and Rs 50,000 for postal service. It was alleged that a lot of money has been drawn in the name of furniture and repairing through ‘fake’ bills.

Moreover, Rs 1,50,000 was spent on the plantation but no visible changes were witnessed, sources said.

Members of Educational Council Hafiz Ahmed, Advocate Lala Abbas, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti and Kasur District Council Member Mehr Imtiaz Riaz have demanded of the higher authorities to look into the alleged corrupt practices of the senior education officials.

When contacted, Ms Wasif rejected the allegations of corruption against her. All projects were started on merit, she added.