Comedian Shafaat Ali saves man’s life by imitating Imran Khan


A man demanding to be made the prime minister climbed a mobile tower in Islamabad on Saturday to call attention to his demands but was rescued later as a result of some quick thinking of the authorities.

According to details, Muhammad Abbas from Sargodha climbed on top of a mobile phone signal tower in the Blue Area of the capital city. He demanded to be made the prime minister of the country so he can improve the country’s economic condition and repay debts within the next six months.

Abbas, who is believed to be mentally unstable, also warned the authorities that he would jump off the tower if his demands are not met.

The police and rescue authorities said he demanded “premiership to pay off the country’s loans and steer it out of financial crisis”.

Comedian Shafaat Ali saves man’s life by imitating Imran Khan

When he refused to climb down despite negotiations and assurances from police, the authorities asked mimicry artist Shafaat Ali to talk to him in Imran Khan’s voice.

The local administration established his contact with Shafaat who imitated Prime Minister Imran Khan and successfully convinced the man to climb down safely.

Abbas talked to the mimicry artist for about five minutes while thinking he is having a conversation with the PM and later climbed down after receiving a satisfactory response. To Shafaat’s credit, he convinced the man to give up his protest.

The police immediately arrested the man and shifted him to a nearby police station.