After replacing coin toss with bat flip, Big Bash rules all shots inside Pinky Aunty’s house as out


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)
MELBOURNE – After Cricket Australia replaced the coin toss in the Big Bash League with the bat flip to decide which teams would bowl and bat first, it has further decided that all shots that land inside Pinky Aunty’s house would be considered out.
In a list of new rules for the domestic T20 franchise league, Cricket Australia also confirmed that the team’s batting order would be determined by drawing lines on the ground.
“The eleven numbers from 1-11 would be randomly written on the ground with the bat concealing them. The line corresponding to each number would be extended outside the area covered by the bat, with each of the 11 playing members putting their finger on each line and then batting on the number that they coincide with,” the document mentioning the rules, available with The Dependent, said.
The document also ruled that any shot that strikes any part of the playing area – even if outside the boundary – following which the ball is caught one-handed will also be considered out.
The new rules clearly say that any batsman who loses the ball would have to bring its replacement. They further add that if any cricketer’s parents come and try to cancel the match, citing homework or bed time, and confiscate any playing equipment, it would be their offspring’s job to bring back, or replace, it.
Cricket Australia has further requested that all matches should be scheduled keeping the mid-term exams in mind.