Police reveal minor was raped before murder in Lahore | Pakistan Today

Police reveal minor was raped before murder in Lahore

LAHORE: Police have revealed that a 9-year-old girl allegedly murdered in the Teelian area of Lohari gate was sexually abused before death.

Preliminary postmortem reports have revealed that she was raped before being choked to death with a rope.

After news of the crime got out, police reached the site with a team of forensic experts who collected on-site evidence for dissemination.

According to police, they are awaiting the complete forensic and post-mortem reports for more information. They have also arrested two suspects in the case including the girl, Ayesha’s maternal uncle for cross-questioning.

Her father, Muhammad Tariq Jameel, has also filed an FIR [First information report] against the unidentified accused.

He has claimed in the FIR that his wife had left for her parents’ home after a domestic dispute, taking the children with her. When she left the country to perform Umrah, the murder took place. Her sister-in-law called to inform her that her daughter had died of choking.

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