SC accepts contemptuous Abidi’s unconditional apology


–Justice Azmat Saeed says other cases against former PPP senator ‘should be heard on merit’


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday dismissed a contempt of court case against former senator Faisal Raza Abidi after he tendered an unconditional apology to the top court.

On Monday, Abidi submitted a written apology to the apex court, expressing regret against his “uncalled for conduct and remarks against the honourable chief justice of Pakistan”.

The former senator “promised that in future (he) will not repeat the grievous mistake”while admitting that he “has no logic, reason or argument to defend his uncalled-for conduct”.

Justice Azmat Saeed, who was heading the three-member bench that heard the case, accepted the apology while noting that, “no one raises objections over constructive criticism; but criticism should be within limits.”

However, the judge said said that other similar cases against Abidi ongoing in different courts should be heard on “their merits”.

Earlier this year, while appearing in a television programme, Abidi allegedly made anti-judiciary remarks.

Abidi was accused to be highly abusive, contemptuous, using threatening language and making allegations against government institutions which have been created via the constitution.

He was also blamed for leveling accusations against individuals holding the highest constitutional posts.

The former senator, who is currently detained in Adiala Jail, is facing three more cases due to his remarks against the chief justice while giving interview to a news outlet.