Govt working to achieve strategic objectives of foreign policy, says FM Qureshi


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister (FM) of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Tuesday said that the government is working to achieve the strategic objectives of Pakistan’s foreign policy while safeguarding the state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He was speaking about the cardinals of Pakistan’s foreign policy, challenges as well as opportunities at the National Security and War Course at National Defence University (NDU).

“We are also working to take the war against extremism and terrorism to its logical conclusion, promoting economic stability through inclusive growth,  integrating with major regional initiatives and global economy, pursuing friendly and cooperative relations with all countries particularly with major powers and all immediate neighbours, seeking a just durable and a peacefully negotiated solution of the Kashmir dispute, turning Pakistan’s geostrategic location into a geo-strategic asset , projecting the rightful image of Pakistan, cultural ethos and state policies, pursuing economic prosperity and growth through multifaceted partnerships and welfare of Pakistani diaspora abroad,” the FM informed.

Shah Mehmood said that Pakistan has been a major victim of terrorism but the menace has almost been curbed through a collective effort of the country’s security forces and resilient people.

He concluded by saying that Pakistan fully supports the Afghan peace process as peace in Afghanistan is essential for regional peace and stability.