PM House allocated around Rs1.9bn during last five years


ISLAMABAD: Approximately Rs 1.9754 billion was allocated for the Prime Minister’s House for expenditure during the past five years, Online reported.

Moreover, Rs 290.69 million was also allocated in the capacity of supplementary grant, according to the report.

According to the documents, Rs 350.67 million was allocated to PM House in 2013-14. Rs 360.76 million was allocated for PM house in 2014-15 while Rs 20.14 million was allocated as a supplementary grant in the same year.

Rs 390.60 million had been allocated in 2015-16 and Rs 20.53 million was allocated as a supplementary grant. The total expenditure was of Rs 410.57 million.

In 2016-17, Rs 410.46 million budget allocated to PM house and Rs 90 million was allocated as a supplementary grant.

In 2017-18, Rs 430.14 million was allocated and Rs 80.60 million was the supplementary grant. Moreover, in 2017-18, Rs 70.27 million had been allocated for miscellaneous expenditure and budget of Rs 10 million was allocated in the capacity of supplementary grant.

Moreover, Rs 470.81 million had been allocated as employees’ retirement and clearance. For maintenance work, Rs 10.280 million was allocated.