KP passes resolution against Pakistan’s addition to religious freedom blacklist


PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly on Thursday passed a resolution condemning United States’ act of putting Pakistan on its blacklist of countries violating religious freedom.

KP assembly members from minorities, including Wazir Zada and Ravi Kumar, moved the resolution in the house, which was passed unanimously by the assembly after being signed by all parliamentary leaders.

“We condemn this act of America. It is baseless and constitutes prejudice. Our worship places are safe and minorities enjoy all their rights here,” Wazir Zada stated while reading the resolution.

America does not see the atrocities on Muslims and Sikhs in India, Burma and Palestine, the resolution stated.

“All minorities living in Pakistan want to make it clear that our worship places are safe in Pakistan and we enjoy all our rights here. We can raise our voices and can struggle for our rights at all forums. Pakistan is our country and we will not tolerate anything against its sovereignty. We do not need dictation from anyone,” it said.

Both Kumar and Wazir Zada in their speeches said that minorities in Pakistan enjoy the freedom to follow their religion and never in the history of the country has anyone stopped the minorities from going to their worship places or performing their religious rituals.

“Pakistan is the number one country in the world that provides religious freedom to minorities,” Kumar said over the issue, adding that no person can claim that he or she was stopped from following religious obligations in Pakistan.