Javed Hashmi claims receiving kidnapping threats: report | Pakistan Today

Javed Hashmi claims receiving kidnapping threats: report

Senior politician Javed Hashmi has claimed that he is being threatened about his children being kidnapped and has evidence to prove his claim, a local media house reported.

In addition to that, Hashmi said that he has always respected “state institutions and struggled for strengthening them during his entire political career”.

He further said that the 100 days of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government has increased the problems of the masses a 100 times more and urges that accountability is conducted across the board and politicians, bureaucrats and security agencies should all be held accountable.

He further claimed that “the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was not an accountability institute nor was it even constituted for the purpose; its only purpose was to “make or break” political parties”.

“The political party which they are trying to wipe out still exists. The children of politicians are replacing their parents, while the children of four dictators are nowhere because the masses always voted for politicians,” he added.

Hashmi further quoted in the local media report claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan did not enjoy any power and his “only task was to victimise political opponents”.

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