PMDC suspends Dr Durrani’s registration to practice medicine: report


Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has suspended Dr Atiq Durrani’s registration and license to practice medicine,  a local media house reported.

Apart from being known as the “highest qualified orthopaedic and spinal surgeon of Pakistan”, Dr Atiq Durrani is also on the wanted list of the United States for healthcare fraud and medical malpractices since he fled from there to escape a trial, the report said.

It was stated that during his time in the US, the doctor carried out numerous unwanted surgeries, causing bodily harm to the patients, following which an American hospital had to pay a fine of $4.1 million for his actions.

Following this, the doctor does not display his name on the website of the hospital where he currently works in Lahore to avoid unnecessary exposure. However, PMDC suspended his license, whereas Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) is considering “action against the elite hospital for allowing him to continue practice”.

The local report further stated that despite being issued a notice to explain why the said doctor was allowed to practice even though his license was suspended, the hospital has not responded. In addition to that, PHC also took notice of a complaint about a patient’s death, herself a doctor, due to “the poor clinical judgment, incompetence and negligence” of Dr Durrani, as alleged by the family predominantly comprising physicians.

The doctor moved to Lahore in 2013, following which, the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), a US organisation representing 70 state and osteopathic boards, wrote to PMDC conveying that Durrani’s license was revoked by Ohio state for “malpractices and that his registration license will be permanently revoked on the basis of proven allegations”.

It was further stated that PMDC in March suspended his registration and said that it can “only be renewed after Dr Durrani clears himself from the FSMB”.