Gang torches 100 cars of Pakistani trader in London


A British-Pakistani trader in London suffered a major financial loss after a criminal gang torched around 100 cars parked in his showroom, a local media report said.

According to the report, Mohammad Tariq accused London’s Metropolitan Police of failing to take any action after his motor showroom was set on fire by a gang of criminals in Barking, East London.

Around 100 cars parked in Tariq’s showroom were torched when, around two weeks ago, a gang entered the premises after midnight, broke windows of cars, sprayed petrol and set the cars on fire.

In an interview, Tariq said: “The arson attack has caused a loss of more than £500,000. I was shocked when I came to know in the morning that my business has been attacked by the gangsters. It’s not for the first time that I have been attacked. Just around six months ago, a Turkish gang stole my ten cars. I reported the matter to the police and after a lot of struggle, I was able to get one car worth £50,000 retrieved through the police. The next day my whole showroom was put on fire.”

“I believe that a Turkish gang is involved. It’s the same gang that stole my cars six months ago. The police have done nothing to catch the suspects. I have given the names and addresses of the people I suspect are involved in the attack on my business. The police recovered one car from the same gang yet they are asking me to prove that the said gang is involved. I am shocked that the police are treating me in this manner. It’s shocking, to say the least,” he added.