Punjab govt introduces drip irrigation with 60pc subsidy


KASUR: To overcome the problem of water shortage in the agriculture field, the Punjab government has introduced drip irrigation system and is providing 60 per cent subsidy to the farmers.

These views were expressed by Kasur Deputy Director Rana Tajammal Hussain in his address at village Jhugian Chorr Wala during the harvest ceremony of potatoes.

Rana Tajammal said that there exists hundreds of thousands acres land in district Kasur where the groundwater is polluted and canal water is short and to overcome this problem the department is suggesting to farmers to adopt drip system.

A farmer named Muhammad Mansha said that he had cultivated 25 acres land with potato crop in the drip irrigation system and he obtained a very good quality of the crop. He explained that cost remained very less and production increased 30 per cent by using this technology.

Assistant Director Umair Elyas said that to facilitate the farmers, 1,300 drains have been built and drip sprinklers have been used in more than 500 acres of land of district Kasur.

Economic expert Hafiz Noman Akram said that more than fifty per cent people are attached with the agriculture sector and 25 per cent of GDP is generated from this field and to make the country rich, it is necessary to facilitate farmers. He added that the agriculture sector provides food and employment to the people and in the coming years, the slot of superpower will be given to the country which will be rich in agriculture.