Exemplary PM Khan gets A++ in PM Khan’s ministers’ performance review


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

ISLAMABAD – Continuing to depict an embodiment of selfless impartiality and neutrality, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday gave Prime Minister Imran Khan an A++ in the ministers’ performance review in the special cabinet meeting called to carry out accountability of ministers.

The cabinet session which started at the PM House at 10:30am and continued till 9pm was designed to inform the various ministers about their shortcomings and adjudicate their performances in separate, individual meetings.

After living up to his claims that accountability would begin with himself, PM Khan spend the majority of the entire day that had been allocated to review the performance of ministers, reviewing his own performance as the Prime Minister.

“And hence, as has been conveyed to you over the past nine and a half hours, Prime Minister Imran Khan was outstanding in his role, with all the tasks allocated to him being brilliantly executed,” noted PM Imran Khan after concluding the 29th and final PowerPoint presentation reviewing the performance of the Prime Minister at around 8 pm local time.

After spending almost 10 hours holding himself accountable, Prime Minister Khan told the remainder of the time telling every ministry and division how they could learn from his example.

“They were told this in individual meetings, and then later collectively as well, after which [PM’s Assistant on Political Affairs] Naeem-ul-Haque was asked to fill out the report cards for each minister,” a source privy to the meeting told The Dependent.