Khuhro backs talk of early polls, denounces media censorship


LARKANA: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said on Sunday that his party would support election before time if it is held and imposing censorship on the media would not be accepted.

“It is evident from the country’s prevailing situation that an early election should be held,” he said while addressing a press conference at local press club.

Khuhro said that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should apologise to the nation for its bad performance.  “The nation had great hopes in those who chanted slogans of change, but now they are talking of election ahead of time to hide their failures as the price hike is at its peak and people are living in a miserable condition.” he said while adding that dollar had reached Rs140 in four months due to which billions of rupees had been earned by stock exchange businessmen.

He said that people had awaited for three days for the election results and this time free, fair and transparent election should be conducted.

Khuhro alleged that Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan was a big supporter of Musharraf’s referendum and the federal government had now announced to rule the country through ordinances which are acts and thoughts of a dictator’s minds.

“The prime minister is unaware of the fact that the term for an ordinance is only four months and legislation through Ordinances will be an undemocratic act,” he added.

“If the president extends the time period of the ordinance, then it will be called adhocism,” he said while adding that the ordinance should be presented in the parliament.

Khuhro said that a 3 per cent cut in NFC award would be unconstitutional.