Was offered Rs20m to leave the field open for India: Farhan Mehboob


Pakistani squash player Farhan Mehboob claimed on Saturday that he had been offered Rs20 million to leave the field open for India during the 2014 Asian Squash Team Championship.

During a conversation with journalists following the CNS International Squash Championship, held recently in Karachi, Mehboob said he was approached by the Indian officials who pretended to be match-fixers.

The squash player claimed that he had refused the offer, adding he told the officials that he “would not sell [his] country even if [he is] offered a billion rupees”.

The squash player said he had immediately informed his coach, manager, and officials of the Pakistan Squash Federation about the incident.

Pakistan had clinched the 2014 Asian Squash Team Championship title by defeating Malaysia with Mehboob as the star player of the Pakistani team. India came third in that tournament.