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Nawaz refuses to present defense in Flagship Investment case

–Former PM raises four questions for prosecution, asks court if 8m Pakistanis doing business abroad will also face similar corruption trials

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday excused himself from presenting his defence in the Flagship Investment corruption reference.

Previously, the accused had refused to present his defense in two references pertaining to the Avenfield and Al-Azizia cases.

As Accountability Court-II Judge Arshad Malik heard the corruption reference against Sharif family, Nawaz appeared before the court to record his statement.

Nawaz told the court that he had no need to present his defense as the prosecution couldn’t prove its allegation against him.

He raised four questions for the prosecution and demanded he is told who was controlling the business abroad and if he had benefited from his sons’ business and what was the motive behind this ‘benamidari’.

He added that the references against him were based on dishonesty, and about eight million Pakistanis were doing business abroad.

“Should they all face the same trial?” he inquired.

The accused said there was no appropriate environment for business in Pakistan and thus, his father had established industry abroad when he was not in politics.

Nawaz claimed that he had disconnected himself with family business after he came into politics.

During the hearing, the former prime minister also presented some details of his family assets. He said the prosecution had admitted that no evidence was available for money laundering but still references were filed against his family.

Nawaz said he was thankful to the nation who had thrice elected him as prime minister.

The accused also submitted a request with the trial court to present a record regarding the sale of companies in the United Kingdom (UK). He said that he had filed an application with British authorities to get historical copies of the documents.

After Nawaz concluded his testimony, the court allowed him to leave.

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