Govt bans twitterati for ‘pointing out spelling mistake’ in official tweet



The official Twitter handle of the government (@pid_gov) has allegedly banned a user after he pointed out a spelling mistake in one of its tweets.

As per the details, the government, in a tweet on its official account three weeks ago, had misspelled United States’ (US) city of Houston, Texas; which was noted by Bilal Abbas (@abbasbilal).

“Dr Fauzia Siddqi, sister of Dr Afia Siddiqi, called on Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad. Foreign Minister apprised her of government’s efforts regarding Afia Siddiqi’s case & issued special instructions to Pakistan’s Consulate General in Huston regarding Afia Siddiqi’s matter,” Government of Pakistan had tweeted.

According to Bilal, with him pointing out the mistake, the government’s twitter handle barred him from viewing any of the verified account’s future tweets.

The government’s tweet is no longer available on the micro-blogging site either.