Farhad Humayun makes a comeback after ‘life altering’ surgery | Pakistan Today

Farhad Humayun makes a comeback after ‘life altering’ surgery

In its second round’s debut session, Levis Live stayed true to its philosophy to promote upcoming talent and giving them a platform to showcase their talent.

Ever since its inception in 2016, it has been reviving the concept of live music within the country and by bringing the musicians and people together.

In this session, Islamabad-based Abdullah Qureshi headlined the round along with Anna Salman with her All Girl Band and a special performance by Farhad Humayun, who made his first public appearance since his life-altering surgery.

The audience cheered on as Farhad not only showed his appreciation and love for music but showed heartfelt gratitude for all the love and prayers he had gotten.

He said that he was “deeply touched and could not have done it without the support of his family, friends and fans all over”.

Moreover, Qureshi’s latest music video “Gaai Aasmaan” was also screened during the session which has been produced and directed by Humayun.

Gaai Aasmaan is set inside a dream of a person lost in space. The direction of the song takes a very different path from the artist’s previous work in sound, imagery and lyrics.

After Abdullah Qureshi completed his riveting set, other musicians took to the stage and just started to jam, much to the crowds’ delight. From Qawalis to Rock ballads, transitioning into pop were all experienced by the crowd.

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