PLAAF contingent arrives to participate in Pak-China joint air exercise


ISLAMABAD: The contingent of People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has arrived to participate in Pak- China Joint International Air Exercise ‘Shaheen-VII’ being held at an Operational Air Base of Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

The PLAAF contingent comprises combat pilots, air defence controllers and technical ground crew along with fighter jets, bombers and early warning AWACS planes, said a press release.

This exercise will help enhance close relations between the two countries in general and develop a mechanism for interoperability of both air forces in particular.

PAF emphasises the combat training of its air and ground crew and regularly undertakes air exercises with air forces of friendly countries. ‘Shaheen-VII’ is the seventh in the series of joint air exercises with PLAAF, which is conducted each year in both countries on an alternate basis. PAF contingent participated in ‘Shaheen-VI’ which was conducted in China last year.

Pakistan and China are strategic cooperative partners and all-weather friends and the two militaries always maintain high-level exchanges as well as defence and security cooperation. The strategic partnership has manifested itself in the form of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), infrastructure development and routine joint military exercises.