Encroachments re-emerge in rubble laden streets


KARACHI: Uncollected debris and rubble along with roadside vendors who have reoccupied areas they were earlier banished from are creating trouble for traffic and pedestrians of the port city.

Many streets of Burns Road, Akbar Road and surrounding localities are chocked as the municipal authorities have not lifted debris of the razed illegal shops and structures from footpaths, while roadside vendors have once again occupied New Preedy Street adding to the problems of commuters.

Dozens of pushcarts, selling second-hand shoes, toys, old clothes, food and fruit have reemerged after they were removed from Empress Market area as well.

Dozens of illegal structures constructed over streets are still present but have been left untouched in operation against illegal encroachments as they are being used for residential purpose. However, sources have said that these structures would also be demolished in the next phase of the drive.

Citizens complained that corrupt elements in the area police, traffic police and DMC officials might be involved in resettling the encroachers, as they cannot do business without their patronage.

Residents and commuters have appealed to the authorities to order the removal of the debris of the razed structures from streets before moving on to the next phase.

They have appealed to the authorities to take notice of this show of bad governance and clear all areas from the encroachments, as traffic load is uncontrollable in certain areas after the recent closure of a section of M A Jinnah Road.