CDA’s apathy puts greenery of Islamabad in danger


ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) apathy has put Islamabad’s greenery in danger as there is no effective mechanism of monitoring the newly planted trees in the city.

CDA plants millions of saplings in the federal capital every year but the survival rate of these saplings is little to none due to the civic body’s unprofessional attitude.

The low survival rate of the saplings is interesting as the authority makes a great show of the plantation campaign, but does nothing after getting its fifteen minutes of fame.

There is not even enough staff to look after the saplings and most of them die within days of their plantation.

The federal capital, that is surrounded by trees and wildflowers, is now speedily losing its greenery as a direct result of CDA’s ill-planned development and inability to perform its duties.

Talking to APP, a resident of sector G-10 Usman Asif said that CDA was not paying attention towards the greenery of Islamabad as hundreds of dead trees could be seen in various sectors of the city.

“Greenery, once a hallmark of Islamabad, now only exists in the lawns of posh sectors. Old trees need to be protected before they vanish forever,” he opined.

The CDA conducts tree plantation campaigns every year in which hundreds of thousands of saplings are planted yet as the tree cover in Islamabad is decreasing at an alarming rate.