PM Khan’s chicken and egg conundrum


Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing a ceremony on Thursday at the Islamabad Convention Centre regarding the government’s performance in its first 100 days, said that with the help of poultry, poverty can be eradicated from Pakistan.

He said that the government will give eggs and chickens to the rural women so they can start their own poultry business. He said that the project has been tested and the government will provide injections to them for raising the chickens faster. This way they will have nutrient food for eating and more chickens and eggs to sell, he added.

Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates had also given a similar proposal on his personal blog.

Bill Gates had written that they are easy to care for and can benefit the investor in a short span of time. Other than that, their eggs are rich in protein and other nutrients and can protect the children from malnutrition, he added. Finally, he wrote, they can empower women because the “chickens are small and typically stay close to home, many cultures regard them as a woman’s animal, in contrast to larger livestock like goats or cows. Women who sell chickens are likely to reinvest the profits in their families.”

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, PM Khan’s proposal was met with much criticism by Twitterati.

But there were some who understood the reference to the idea proposed by Bill Gates.


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