Khursheed Shah critcises PM Imran over ‘chicken and eggs’ policy


SUKKUR: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Khursheed Shah on Saturday criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan over the latter’s recent statement regarding using “chicken and eggs” to combat poverty in the country.

“Debt has increased owing to the hike in the price of dollar. Economies are never fixed through the show of power, we should sit together and then see how the country moves forward. We have always said that we want to move forward together,” he said while talking to reporters here.

“Issues are resolved through the supremacy of parliament. Issues will not be resolved by saying that you will send us to jail or hang us,” he said.

“The government says come place containers. If containers are placed then roads will be blocked so how will the government run? The prime minister is still standing atop a container,” he said.

“The prime minister said that his wife constantly reminds him that he is the premier. If a man does not consider himself the premier, how can others think of him like that?” he asked.

Taking a jibe at the premier’s speech with regards to the government’s achievements in its first 100 days in office, Shah said that “most politicians talk about making the country a nuclear power and strengthening the federation but some talk about chicken and eggs”.

“Pakistan was laughed at over the statement on chicken and eggs.”

“PPP has always spoken of reconciliation. Did we reach stability after millions of hangings and imprisonments?”

“If hundreds of thousands of people sit on the road will you be able to run the country?” he asked.

In response to a question, the PPP leader said that “no one can prove that we have grabbed even an inch of land. I request the chief justice to summon me and if land grabbing allegations are proven against me then I have no right to remain a politician. I was falsely accused of grabbing land belonging to a minority community.”