Even Kashmir issue can be resolved, PM tells Indian journalists


Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday said that nothing was impossible in the world and even the Kashmir issue could be resolved, a private media outlet reported.

According to reports, the premier, while speaking to Indian journalists in the federal capital, said that peace was the only way forward. “If the Indian government cannot talk with Pakistan right now then we will try to initiate talks after the elections,” he said.

PM Khan added that the problems between Pakistan and India were not due to the public, but they existed between the governments.

He said that Pakistan was in favour of peace and the topmost priority of the government was to eradicate poverty. “Pakistan’s mindset has changed but the Indian mindset hasn’t,” the prime minister added.

The country is installing a fence at its border with Afghanistan to control the infiltration of terrorists, he said.

“Looking back yields no results and I am not accountable for what transpired in the past,” PM Khan said and added that the civil-military leadership in Pakistan was now on the same page.