PM Imran invites FIFA president to visit Pakistan, says Kaleemullah


Pakistan star football player Kaleemullah Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has invited FIFA President Gianni Infantino to visit Pakistan.

On his official Facebook page, Kaleemullah wrote: “Prime Minister Imran Khan has invited FIFA President Gianni Infantino to visit Pakistan in an effort to revive football & sports activities in Pakistan.”

Expressing happiness over the development, fans appreciated the move as one wrote: “Football developing….that’s all we want.”

Another wrote: “Wow that is a great news for us.”

Thanking premier, one said: “Thanks Khan for taking this step.”

Another wrote: “At last some news for Football. Its something else if he will or not but at least somebody thought about football.”

Expressing excitement, another wrote: “Imma die, finally, someone considered football.”